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Janice de Souza, B.A. 
CBT Therapist (BABCP accredited)

CBT, cognitive behavioural therapy, is evidence-based treatment which helps identify the strategies and thinking underlying people’s difficulties, helping them discover how to reduce the impact and cope better.

A specialist with over 25 years’ experience in counselling and psychological therapy, in both NHS and independent practice, I treat a wide range of conditions (see Problems treated) and offer clinical supervision and teaching.


I trained as a Cognitive Therapist at Oxford University in 1994, becoming accredited with the BABCP in 1995 (registration number 954881). Working in the NHS adult psychological therapies service until 2017, amongst a team of highly skilled fellow-specialists, has given me me extensive experience of both clinical practice and teaching. I have also taught relevant courses in the voluntary sector. Since leaving the NHS, I supervised the clinical practice of post-graduate CBT trainees at Exeter University for a few years and continue supervising independent practitioners.

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